Monday, October 24, 2011

If I am Steve Ballmer

...I buy Yahoo, AppNexus and MOAT. Collapse Dapper, MOAT, RMX, Atlas, 5to1, AdCenter, et al into a superserver/end to end platform with buyside RTB SEM and Display bid management and optimization, creative optimization, engagement mapping and CPE support, yield optimization and supply side data management. This provides a true challenge to looming DCLK/GOOG dominance. And let O'Kelley, Rubenstein, Paparo and Walrath run it. Lay off a ton of sales folks and force agencies to buy all media (O&O and network) programatically. MSFT is good at IT/b2b and terrible at consumer content (XBOX aside), so spin off/sell MSN and Yahoo content assets (merge with AOL?).

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