Friday, November 18, 2011's Facile Critique

I like these guys a lot, but saying comScore's metrics aren't relevant for RTB betrays a pretty superficial understanding of what comScore actually does. I try to help them "get it" here.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Late for a call or meeting?

5 Things You Are Telling Me When You Are 5+ Minutes Late For a Call (Without Emailing)

1. You believe my time is less important to me than yours is to you.

2. You don’t much care what I think of you.

3. I should generally expect you to be late for things.

4. I should expect you to understand if I am late for things.

5. You are really, really busy. I get it.

5 Things I Am Telling You When I Am 5+ Minutes Late For a Call (Without Emailing)

1. I am really, really busy, you get it.

2. I will understand if you are late for future meetings.

3. You should generally expect me to be late for things.

4. I care less what you think about me than whatever it was I was doing for those 5 minutes.

5. I think you care more about getting my time than losing your own.