Monday, September 13, 2010

Verification Standardization?

The penetration of verification is growing rapidly. The technologies are becoming table stakes for agency buys on networks and even direct publishers (thank you, audience extension).

It's time to get ahead of standardization. Having lived through the birth and growth of display 1.0 and search 2.0, I can say with confidence that bringing to light discrepancies and concerns regarding new advertising technology is better done sooner than later.

That stated, here are some items for which agencies, networks, publishers and verifiers ought to start hashing out answers:

1. Transparency – Who audits the auditors? How does each technology work? Should the IAB adopt the IASH/ABCe approach?
2. Contracts – What is the nature of the relationship between an ad network, agency, publisher and verifier? Who owns the data? Exception reporting versus comprehensive impression level reporting? Direct logins for all parties?
3. Standardization – What are the correct terminology and metrics? What is the content rating standard?
4. Latency – What are the impacts of pixels, cookies, server side redirects, and verification bots? How can they be mitigated or avoided?
5. Collections/make goods – Is there a conflict of interest if a verifier is paid on basis of make-good or collection dollar volume?

What do you think?

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